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Invisalign – The Perfect Way to Fix Your Teeth

The first step in this process is to come visit our offices. You should be having your teeth cleaned twice a year, so at one of those visits, ask us for an opinion of the condition of your teeth and what options would be best to fix any problems.

Your custom-made smile program

Your treatment plan begins with a consultation with an experienced Invisalign provider, Dr Dillon. During that consultation, you and Dr Dillon will discuss the options to treat your particular issue. Once Dr Dillon confirms that your issue can be corrected with the Invisalign system, he will write a detailed treatment plan that determines how each of your aligners will change throughout your program.

When you begin treatment, you’ll wear each set of aligners in two or three-week increments. The aligners gently move your teeth into position, and at the end of each period, you “graduate” to the next set of custom aligners.

Your Looks and Invisalign

Here is how to decide between Invisalign and braces. Consider your dental case, the value you put on looks, how responsible you are, and your financial ability to pay for the Invisalign braces.

CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS – Most don’t know that there are companies (AOA, Orthotain) that have been around longer than Invisalign and some newer products (Clear Correct) that give us more choices to find the product that can fit your needs and your budget the best. We’ve been using clear aligners in our office for over thirty years and are experienced in all of the companies products, unlike most offices.

VALUE OF LOOKS. Although you may want to believe that beauty is only skin deep, the truth is that people do judge you by your appearance. Past a certain age, metal braces just look unusual. Invisalign truly are invisible and no one will realize it unless you tell them.

Invisalign Care

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You need to take the Invisalign aligners out to eat. Then you need to brush them (as well as your teeth of course) and put them in after. Doesn’t sound like a big deal and it isn’t, but some people have trouble doing this.

Invisalign Preparation

Bear in mind that you have to get your gums in the healthiest condition possible. This may include flossing and using a special toothbrush, or it might include seeing a gum surgeon to correct any areas that have started receding. It is very important that adults who consider orthodontia have their gums in the healthiest state that they can, for the best results.

Be aware that while Invisalign has a place in orthodontia, Invisalign isn’t a magic bullet. Some people have had great results with Invisalign, but their teeth only needed minor adjustments. Invisalign is just not able to make major adjustments, such as what you may need. Realize that we are very lucky to have so many options today that were not available 20 years ago.

Deciding on Invisalign

Now you have to take some time to think about all of your options and try to decide what steps to take. Take some paper and writing utensil and jot down notes as you think. How much will Invisalign cost to do the most highly recommended work versus any less preferable but also less expensive work? Is there any way that you can afford to have the work done? Most orthodontists will set up a payment plan for you, if you think you can manage monthly payments. If that is a little out of your means right now, what preparation steps can you take while you set up a savings plan? For example, you could start really flossing and using plaque oral rinse and a special toothbrush, you could also start the gum work you might need, especially if you have dental insurance that will cover this work. This way, you know you are making progress toward your goal, even if it takes another year. Meanwhile, save every penny that you can and think of your future beautiful smile while you do it.

Invisalign Evaluator

Go to Invisalign website at and click Start Self-Assessment link located on the bottom right hand side of the page. Or, you can go directly to


The Invisalign self-assessment test takes about one minute to complete and you would need to answer six questions about your current smile and your daily routine. Upon test completion, your answers will be evaluated to help you determine if Invisalign treatment might be a good solution for you.


Once you have completed the Invisalign self-assessment test, you will be able to review and print out your smile-assessment results. You will also find a list of helpful questions that you can print out and bring with you for a consultation in our office.


Remember that Invisalign self-assessment test does not substitute for a consultation with a Dr Dillon. Invisalign self-assessment is designed to help you better understand how Invisalign treatment can help you achieve a great smile and prepare you for your first consultation with a Dr Dillon.