Straight talk on straightening smiles!!!

I remembered when I was at Temple Dental School, about 30 years ago, I was telling one of my favorite instructors. Andrea Cohen that I was working on weekends and on breaks in our family’s moving business. She knew my father was a dentist and asked me why I didn’t go into orthodontics. It took [...]

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Tooth Fairy’s COLA adjustments are CRAZY!!!

Do you remember the excitement of losing a tooth and placing it under the pillow as a child? If you are a certain age, you might have hoped you would be getting a dollar in exchange for your tooth from the tooth fairy (or one of their secret helpers). Well we can say goodbye to [...]

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Should Silver Fillings Be Replaced?

This is a great question that comes around all of the time still, even though I haven’t placed a mercury filling in almost 25 years. It’s a tricky question that needs to be looked at from a few different perspectives. We can start by looking at the differences between the options of dental amalgam and [...]

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I forget… Can healthy teeth prevent memory loss?

We all have been hearing about how you’re your oral health can affect your systemic health for decades now. Periodontal disease has been shown to affect your cardiovascular health and cause up to 5 time’s great chance of strokes. We all know someone who has developed dementia and we are all too familiar with how [...]

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Lucky You!!! Painless Dentistry

First and foremost let me put it out there that the practice of dentistry is a painless venture 99% of the time in our office these days. It’s so much easier being a painless dentist nowadays, I feel like a spoiled brat dentist compared to what my father had at his disposal when he started [...]

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Can tooth loss cause memory loss?

Unfortunately, many of us know of someone or have a family member who suffers from dementia. Scientists are not sure exactly what causes dementia. Research shows,  so far,  that they do confirm it develops from multiple interlinked causes. So, could dental health have anything to do with the onset of this horrible disease? One study [...]

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Nine Vices That You Love That Are Bad For Your Teeth!

Trying to stay healthy in your food and drink choices can be confusing. January is the month more people eat healthier so your friendly Bryn Mawr Dentist has a little food for thought. To add to the confusion, some things that are good for other parts of your body can be bad for your teeth [...]

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New Year, New Habits!

The Business Insider published a list of “18 Quick and Easy Daily Habits That Can Significantly Improve Your Life!” There were some good ideas on there, but these are a few of our favorite life hacks.   • Write down the day’s most important task. Doing the most important (or most dreaded) task first thing [...]

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Same Old New Thing; But a Different Same Thing

Every year I write that New Year’s is my favorite Holiday, not just because it’s OK to start the day with a little drink, but rather because it is the embodiment of the idea that you can always tear off a new sheet of paper and work on making your life more of how you’d [...]

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