Will It Hurt and How Much Will It Cost?

At Dillon Family Dentistry we get all kinds of questions and two that hear very frequently are: “Will it hurt?” …and “How much will it cost?” The great news is – the answers to both of those questions will make you very happy! Will it hurt? Unlike the old days, modern dental care is easy, [...]

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To Drill, Or Not To Drill…

To Drill, Or Not To Drill… Tough call! One of my favorite patients was in the other day and we had a little situation come up that prompted some deeper thinking and I thought I’d get it out there. DD is one of my patients that least comfortably lends himself to being a dental patient. [...]

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Getting kids hooked on the Dentist

So, somebody asked me what is the right age to bring their kid into my office. Good question. I always tell them to just bring the kids in with them whenever they come in after the kid is about 1 or 2 years old. The advantage of having the kid see the parents (and older [...]

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